Regain your positive attitude to focus on being your best.

How we feel inside is an essential part of our wellbeing and can have the most impact on how we perform. We can help you treasure it and do all that you can to protect and boost it. Having a positive attitude will help to focus your energy on those things you aspire to achieving.

Nurturing your state of mind and emotional happiness is a healthy thing to build into your lifestyle. Time focussed on calm, inward reflection – ‘me time’ – is time very well spent. A positive outlook allows us all to deal more easily with the inevitable ups, downs and challenges of daily life.

It’s also a great way of boosting confidence so you feel ready to recognise and respond to all of life’s opportunities. In turn, family, friends and colleagues will pick up on your re-charged, re-invigorated outlook too.

The influence of epigenetics

Can leading a healthy lifestyle affect our cells at a genetic level? Epigenetics involves the control of our genes by factors other than our individual DNA sequence(1). We’re all made up of a series of DNA – this cannot fundamentally change but the gene activity...

Exploring Eco-therapy

Tune in to what’s important by stepping outside… It might not be a huge surprise to hear that being outside, getting fresh air and exercise is not only good for your physical health it can also be beneficial for your mental health. But did you know that so-called...